Plugins in the list below are not included with your subscription since they have since been replaced by newer versions. It is these newer versions that come bundled with your subscription purchase.

  • bx_console (bx_console N available)
  • bx_console E (replaced by bx_console SSL4000E)
  • bx_console G (replaced by bx_console SSL4000G)
  • bx_digital V2 (replaced by bx_digital V3)
  • bx_rockrack Pro (replaced by bx_rockrack V3)
  • bx_XL ( (replaced by bx XL V2)
  • ProAudioDSP DSM V2)  (replaced by DSM V3)
  • SPL Attacker (replaced by Plus version)
  • SPL De-Verb (replaced by Plus version)
  • SPL Mo-Verb (replaced by Plus version)
  • SPL Transient Designer (replaced by Plus version)
  • SPL EQ Rangers Vol. 1 ((replaced by Plus version)

If you would like to receive the legacy installers for these plugins, please reference the links below where you can download the last updated and final versions that we have available: