Here is how you can get your presets in Komplete Control:

1) Open Komplete Kontrol

2) Open SpecOps/Zip.

3) Load the preset that they wish to NKS-ify from the plugin's interface (not Komplete Kontrol's interface).

4) In the top bar of Komplete Kontrol there is a downward pointing arrow next to the preset name that was originally loaded.

5) Click that arrow, select "File->Save As...".

6) Type in the name of the preset and hit OK.

7) The preset will now appear in your User Library. It is the person icon next to the globe icon at the top of the preset browser.

8) To edit preset tags, select the preset and hit the EDIT button at the bottom of the preset browser.

9) After editing tags, you might need to do "File->Save" again.