There is a rare bug in which the presets don’t get installed as they should. Please note that this bug was fixed in our December 2017 release.

Before trying the suggestion below, please download and install the latest versions of our plugins to see if all of the presets are now installed. If you still can’t find the plugin’s presets, try this simple fix:

  • Start by finding your presets folder. This location can vary depending on the DAW and any user customizations, but here are the most common preset locations:
    • Mac
      Please note that the tilde symbol “~” indicates the user directory.
      You can go directly to either of these directories from the Finder by pressing Command-Shift-G and entering the directory text.
    • ~/Documents/Pro Tools/Plug-In Settings
    • ~/Library/Audio/Presets
    • Windows:
    • %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\VST3 Presets\Plugin Alliance\
    • %USERPROFILE%\Documents\Pro Tools\Plug-In Settings\
  • Download the preset folders that you are missing from Plugin Alliance Presets page
  • In your preset folder, create a folder named “Plugin Alliance”
  • Run the plugin installer again and be sure not to deselect any plugin formats in the custom installation options, even if you’re not using all formats.

Please note that there are no presets for the bx_limiter.

Ableton Live users: Plugin Alliance factory presets do not appear when using Audio Units format plugins in Live. Since this issue only affects the Audio Units format, we recommend that Live users use VST instead.

Studio One users: We have discovered an issue with how our presets are recognized by Studio One, when a plugin is first installed. If you don’t see any Plugin Alliance factory presets in Studio One, just go to the Browse window, right-click on the plugin name and select Refresh.