As of June 2018, we have removed support for Apple’s Carbon graphic framework, which means that our current installers are no longer compatible with DAWs that do not support the newer Cocoa framework. In the following hosts on Mac, instantiating the VST2 format will result in a black GUI or the plugin will crash the host:

  • Cubase 8.5 or lower (32-bit), VST2 format: Please use VST3 format or upgrade to Cubase 64-bit.
  • StudioOne any version (32-bit), VST2 format: Please use VST3 or AU formats or upgrade to Studio One 64-bit.
  • Logic 9 or lower, AU format: Please update to Logic X.

If you are still using one of these DAWs and your plugins are currently working without any issues, please don’t update your plugins to the latest versions. If you do end up updating to the, you can contact tech support and request legacy versions of your plugins.