ProTools makes users activate our plugins as soon as you launch it, instead of waiting until you actually use the plugin in a session, like other DAWs. You should be able to just click “I’m online” or “I’m offline” and follow the instructions in the activation manual to activate your plugin, and then that prompt will stop appearing. As long as “Activate all my licenses” is selected, you’ll only have to do this once for all the Plugin Alliance plugins that are installed. But if you click “Quit” you’ll have to go through each individual plugin before ProTools will continue loading. Please note that if you do click Quit, ProTools will incorrectly report that your new plugin is invalid. You can ignore this message.

If the activation prompt is causing problems in ProTools, you can just to activate in a different DAW, and then come back to ProTools. That will work because once you activate in one DAW, your plugins are activated in every DAW. If you don’t have another DAW, you can try one of the many DAWs that offer a free trial, such as Reaper.