If the activation server doesn’t seem to recognize that you have a paid license for a plugin, please first check to be certain that you installed the right plugin. Some of our plugins look similar and have similar names (like the bx_opto and the bx_opto pedal). If you are certain you have the right plugin, next check to see if you inadvertently created a second Plugin Alliance account. The activation server will report that you don’t have a license if you don’t enter the same login credentials you used when you purchased your license.

Finally, if none of that helps, you can remove the license file from your hard drive. Don’t worry, this won’t cause you to lose an activation, or change your deletion count. It will just force the plugin to check in with our server, and then generate a new license file. To find your license file on macOS, just go to the Finder, click on the "Go" menu, click on "Go to folder..." and then paste in this file path, exactly as it appears below:

~/Library/Application Support/

Or if you’re on Windows, go to this file path, where me is your Window user name: C:\Users\me\AppData\Roaming\

Either way, look through this directory to find the folder named “Plugin Alliance” and then throw it away. Then try to activate your plugin again.