Yes, you are permitted to transfer your plugin licenses. Once you know the person you are wishing to transfer the plugin to, please make sure that the buyer has created an account.

Also make sure he or she is aware that there is a $20 per plugin license transfer fee (capped at $50). The buyer will have to pay this before they can start using the plugins in their Plugin Alliance account.

You can select multiple licenses to transfer, but only one person to transfer to. If you want to transfer licenses to different people, do them one person at a time.

You can only transfer 10 licenses per month. You cannot transfer inactive licenses, free licenses or licenses with a fee required. If you have a license for a multiple versions of a plugin (for example, bx_digital V2 and bx_digital V3), then those licenses cannot be transferred separately.

If there are abnormal circumstances that requires you to transfer more than 10 Plugins then you can contact Customer Support to help you with the process. The same transfer rules as above will apply.