We get quite a few requests like this…. First of all, congrats on the hit! Seriously, that is cool, and we know how much work and talent it requires.

Sorry, but we don’t send voucher codes or free plugins simply “because you mixed a hit”. In fact, most of our users work on serious projects, run studios, play in bands, etc. We know it’s expensive to build a studio, even if it’s nowhere near as expensive as it used to be some years ago.

But making software and maintaining compatibility for it over the years takes a lot of effort, time and money. We have to charge for the products that we offer.

We do send out a variety of promotions to our email list, so be sure to sign up to receive those announcements.

Also, we have Custom Bundle Discounts in place, so you get a discount whenever you buy more than 1 plugin in our store. If you buy 5 or more plugins we’ll give you 50% off—that’s as much of a discount as most companies will give to VIPs.

We do it because, to us, everybody who buys 5 or more plugins is a VIP.