While there is no right or wrong way to use our console plugins, below are some guidelines for best practices:

  • You can use our consoles as the first insert but you can also use other plugins to do preliminary compression (ex. reduce peaks with elysia mpressor so that they don't trigger the compressor on the console)
  • There is no need to have it on the group busses if you already have it on all the channels, however, you can also use it on your busses, just don't overdo it on the processing
  • The individual modules are all set to their default positions when you first instantiate the plugin and if you don't change any of the parameters, the sound will pass through the plugin in much the same way it does on a real analog desk
  • For EQing, use our consoles for more broad-spectrum strokes, like gentle lifting of the low or high end or boosting/reducing certain parts of the midrange. You can continue using other EQs like bx_digital V3 to make most of your surgical cuts but of course these can be performed with console EQs as well, there are just aren't as many bands to work with, etc
  • There is no need to run the plugin on your master buss unless you want to use it as part of your mix buss or mastering chainĀ 
  • In order to emulate a true analog desk experience, you can place the plugin as a first insert on every channel, your group busses and your master buss. Next, select a different channel for every track and then add our bx_townhouse Compressor on the master buss and then your mix will essentially be playing through an analog console, since you are replicating the signal flow as it happens on the real desk!