The issue with "Hackintosh" computers is that they create a "counterfeit" serial number because PCs don't have unique serial numbers like Macs do and many of these Hackintosh machines use the same serial number.  Our licensor uses that serial number to identify your computer, and because there are other Hackintosh users in our system with the same serial number, it won't let you start new trials. 

This doesn't mean that other users are accessing your PA account.  Our system checks machine IDs when users create trials so it is possible for other users to prevent you from creating a trial, even though they don't have access to your account.

Because of these issues, we don't support Hackintosh systems.  However, there is a workaround, which is to just keep your licenses on USB stick, instead of on your computer.  Then our licensor will use the machine ID of your USB stick, instead of your computer.  To authorize a USB thumb drive, make sure your usb drive is in your computer.  Then, open one of your plugins in ProTools (or any host) and click on the "Activation Required" text, or the key icon on the bottom right side of the plugin window.  An authorization window will pop up.  Under the text "Select the device you would like to activate" there is a pulldown menu.  Click it and select your USB drive.  Make sure the "Activate all my licenses" checkbox is checked.  Then click "I'm Online" and enter your login info, and click "Activate."  Now your USB drive is authorized and can be used on any computer.