If you get the message "Activation Server Did Not Respond" when activating your plugins, there are a few fixes you can try:

  • Our servers sometimes get particularly high traffic at certain times, so try authorizing at a different time of day.
  • Make sure that you don’t have any apps running in the background that block certain internet connections.
  • If you’re only authorizing one plugin, try deselecting the “Activate all my plugins” option in the activation prompt.

If these options don’t help, you can use the “Offline Authorization” method.   This method is mainly for users who don’t have internet on their DAW computer, but it can also be helpful for users who have trouble with the standard authorization procedure.  Here are the instructions for the Offline Authorization procedure:

If the activation window doesn't open automatically in your DAW, open a plugin and click on the "Activation Required" text, or the key icon on the bottom right side of the plugin window. Next click the "I'm offline" button, and then click "Save to file" to save your machine ID. Then open a web browser, go to Manage Devices, click "choose file," and upload that machine ID file that you just saved. Click "activate." Then click "Download license file" and you'll get a file named "pa.license." Go back to the activation window in your DAW and click on the "open license" button in the plugin window, and select the license file you just downloaded. Then click "activate."