Please consult our Plugin Format chart which contains information on which plugins are available in which formats.

Please note that while not all of our AAX DSP plugins are optimized for use on Venue AAX consoles, you can still try using them with your Venue | AAX system. The parameter mapping may not work right, but it certainly won't hurt anything to try them. 

In order to install one of our plugins on an S3L, you can use one of two methods:
- Run the .exe installer while in desktop mode of your Venue system to install the plugin to the AAX Plug-Ins folder of the system drive, then return to Venue and install from that drive.
- Extract the actual plugin by running the installer on any Windows system and place it into an AAX Plug-Ins folder on the root of the USB drive you use for authorization. This will allow you to select your USB in the list of drives from which to install the plugin.