Getting your Plugin Alliance product up and running is easy. Simply install, open and sign in to activate; here’s how:

  1. You may download your plugins by going to your Manage Registered Plugins page.
  2. After downloading, run the installers; these packages contain all plugin formats available for your products.  You can also use the Installation Manager, which is great for installing many plugins at once.
  3. Open your DAW and instantiate your new plugin.
  4. Clicking on the plugin window will open the activation dialog. You can also click the ‘Key’ icon on the bottom toolbar of the plugin.
  5. Simply click ‘I’m Online’ and enter your Plugin Alliance account credentials on the following dialog. Enjoy!

If your device is not online, we also offer Offline Activation. Here's how: If the plugin activation window isn't already open, click on the "Activation Required" text, or the key icon on the bottom right side of the plugin window.  Next click the "I'm offline" button, and then click "Save to file" to save your machine ID.  Then, on your online computer, go to Manage Devices, click "choose file," and upload that machine ID file that you got from the plugin on your offline computer.  Click "activate."  Then click "Download license file" and you'll get a file that you can upload on your offline computer, by clicking on the "open license" button in the plugin window.

You can authorize each plugin for up to three computers, no matter how you authorize them.


For advanced authorization (offline, USB, VENUE activation etc.), please see our Activation Manual or Venue Activation Manual.