Below you will find a list of restrictions concerning the transfer of your licenses:

  • You can only transfer 10 licenses per month.
  • You cannot transfer inactive licenses, licenses with a fee required. If you have a license for a multiple versions of a plugin (for example, bx_digital V2 and bx_digital V3), then those licenses cannot be transferred separately.
  • The following free Licenses can’t ‌be sold: bx_cleansweepV2, bx_rockrack Player, bx_solo, bx_subfilter, elysia niveau filter, bx_freeranger

  • The following are licenses which have to be sold together (you can sell either console if he/she only owns one):
    - bx_console e or g with SSL 4000 e or g
    - Unfiltered Audio Dent 2 and Indent 2
    - Unfiltered Audio Sandman and Sandman Pro
    - bx_digital V2 and V3

Please note that Plugin Alliance is not involved in any financial agreement or transaction between people who transfer licenses.