If you sell or give away one of your Plugin Alliance plugins, you will need to visit our Transfer License page where you will find a complete list of all your active licenses that are available for you to transfer to another customer. 

There, you can select either one or more licenses to transfer to another user. If you want to transfer licenses to different people, please do them one person at a time. After you transfer a license, the person you transferred it to will have to pay a transfer fee before they can activate the plugin(s) that they just received. 

The fee structure is as follows:

  • 1 plugin: $20 USD
  • 2 plugins: $40 USD
  • 3 or more plugins: $50  USD

Here is how the license transfer process works:

First, login to your PA Account and then click on the Transfer License link

Next, Select the license(s) that you want to transfer from the list

Finally, enter the email address of the person that you are transferring the license to and click TRANSFER TO EMAIL