Yes, you can resell and transfer your plugin licenses. Once you have found a buyer, please make sure that the buyer has created an account on our website and also make sure that they are aware of the fees associated with the transfer: $20 per plugin or $50 for 3 or more plugins. The buyer will have to pay this before they can start using the plugins in their Plugin Alliance account.

To start the transfer, head on over to our Transfer License page and do the following:

  • Select the plugin(s) that you would like to transfer
  • Enter the email address of the user that you are transferring the license to
  • Click 'Transfer" and our Automated System will take care of the rest.

Please note, we do have certain restrictions regarding plugin resales:

  • You are unable to transfer free licenses or licenses with a fee required.
  • If you have a license with multiple versions they need to be transferred together (for example bx_console e and SSL 4000 E)
  • ┬áThere is a limit of 10 transfers per month however in exceptional circumstances more than 10 can be transferred but will require contacting Customer Support.