If you are having issues with our plugins in Logic, you can try uninstalling all of the plugins completely (instructions for doing so are below) and then clearing out your Audio cache folder and reinstalling the latest versions from Installation Manager.

To get rid of your plugins, just go to the Finder, click on the "Go" menu, then click on "Go to folder..." and enter this file path:


A window will open with all your plugins, and you can throw away the ones you don't want.

After this, clear out your Audio Cache folder:


Click on the "Go" menu, then click on "Go to folder..." and paste this path: then type in: ~/Library/Caches/AudioUnitCache/ - once you find it, drag the two .cache files that are in there to the trash. Then empty the trash.

Use the Uninstaller to remove the PA-Installation Manager Application and then restart your computer. Download the Installation Manager from our website and use it to reinstall your plugins.

Restart Logic and then the plugins should rescan correctly.