If you have installed our Soundgrid enabled plugins but they are still not appearing in Multirack, you can try performing a rescan. Instructions for doing so are below:

Multirack Re-scan:

  1. Open a new finder window and click on Go at the top menu holding your Alt key.
  2. Go to the location Library > Preferences. Move Waves Preferences to your desktop.
  3. Launch Multirack for generating a new Waves Preferences folder.
  4. Create an empty txt file in your new Waves Preferences folder and name it ForceUseGUIScanner.
  5. Re-launch Multirack, when prompt to do so, define the following locations:
  6. For Waves WPAPI folder define the path -
  7. System HD > Library > Audio > Plug-Ins > WPAPI.
  8. For the Multirack Modules folder define the path -
  9. System HD > Applications > Waves > Multirack > Modules.
  10. For the Waves Plug-in V9 folder define the path -
  11. System HD > Applications > Waves > Plug-Ins V9.
  12. After you launched Multirack go to Multirack > Preferences > Plug-In manager.
  13. Make sure you see the WPAPI Waveshell and re-check it. Let it scan the plugins.
  14. Try to re-check the Flux shell as well.